About Me


I’ve been in love with telling stories since I was a little kid.

The first short story I ever wrote was called The Haunted Library, in the third grade. From there I cranked out over a hundred stories for the remainder of elementary school. In middle school and high school I made short films, and in and after college I wrote six feature-length screenplays.

In 2010 I wrote my first novel and I haven’t stopped since. I have written two young adult trilogies, two adult novels, a novella, a short story collection, and a handful of short stories. I am currently putting the finishing touches on a YA fantasy, and am in the midst of three more projects, including another YA fantasy, a YA contemporary romance, and a New Adult contemporary romance.

I love to write books, and I also love to write about books. Since June 2012 I’ve been co-authoring a blog called Story Carnivores with author Shaunta Grimes, whose debut young adult novel Viral Nation hits bookstores in July.

When I’m not writing, I’m watching and writing about movies. I’m a life-long film buff, and I love everything, from the black-and-white classics, to cheesy 80’s comedies, to modern horror. A day that goes by without a movie is a lousy one.

I’m also a teacher! I substitute teach for high school English and am currently working toward my Masters in English at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Happy reading!



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