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Why You Should Eat Six Meals a Day


It’s a myth that dates back decades: eat a hearty breakfast, a decent-sized lunch, and a large dinner, and avoid snacks and desserts. But will eating like this day after day really keep the pounds off? It sounds ludicrous and always will, but eating six meals a day, not three, will actually help you lose weight, as well as feel better!

Here are some recommended meals throughout a day to help you keep the weight off…

Meal #1: Breakfast

No matter what time of day you have it, breakfast is an essential start to your day. But instead of going for the pancakes and high fructose corn syrup (aka artificial maple syrup), eat a small portion of eggs and toast, or a protein shake.

Meal #2: Morning Mid-Meal

A couple hours before lunch, take a quick minute and have a snack. But a snack doesn’t mean a bag of chips. A perfect snack is an apple and a slice of cheese, or a handful of blueberries with cottage cheese, or a nutrition bar.

Meal #3: Lunch

Don’t go crazy on lunch and load up on burgers, fries, and chocolate milkshakes. Have a little bit more than you would in a mid-meal, but don’t go overboard. A sensible lunch is a turkey or ham sandwich with a handful of grapes. If you must have a small handful of chips, go with a more natural kind.

Meal #4: Afternoon Mid-Meal

This might be the most important mid-meal of the day, as taking a minute to eat a healthy snack in the late afternoon will help get you all the way to dinner without that dangerous coma we all enter around 4 o’clock. Try a banana with peanut butter at this point of the day, or raspberries with cottage cheese.

Meal #5: Dinner

This can be the biggest meal of the day, but again, don’t go overboard with the portions. A sensible dinner would be teriyaki chicken with generous portions of rice or steamed broccoli. Another great idea is a turkey burger with sides of sweet potato fries and sliced cantaloupe.

Meal #6: Dessert

That’s right. To lose weight you must eat dessert! Now don’t think of dessert as your favorite ice cream covered in microwave heated chocolate sauce. A great dessert is a health shake, or your favorite pudding mixed in with some protein powder. But the easiest, and most delicious, dessert to make is a dish with bananas and cottage cheese, covered with warm all-natural maple syrup.

Eat six nutritious meals a day, and you will be on your way to looking, and feeling, your best.

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