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Want to make the tastiest healthy dessert?


We’ve all been there. It’s late at night, you’re about thirty minutes or an hour away from going to bed, but you want one more little bite to eat to please your sweet tooth.

If you want a quick and delicious dessert that is surprisingly really good for you, break off a piece of 70% organic dark chocolate, and enjoy! But if you want to make a dessert that you won’t regret having eaten the morning after? Here’s an easy, painless recipe that will fill your stomach with a good mix of protein and carbs, as well as pure deliciousness!

Bananas Foster Style is a divine little dessert that is perfect for a late night snack / dessert. You get some fruit, a little protein, and a sweet, sumptuous glaze of maple syrup. You’ll only need four ingredients, as well as a frying pan!

Bananas Foster Style Ingredients

1 Ripe Organic Banana

½ Cup Organic Low Fat Cottage Cheese

2 Tablespoons Organic Grade B 100% Natural Maple Syrup

Splash of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Start by heating up your frying pan and sprinkling in it a small amount of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (You can also use a tiny amount of Organic Butter if you prefer.) Keep the burner at a medium setting.

Next, take your banana and slice it to the end. You should have ten to fifteen slices of banana by the time you’re done. If you’re really hungry, you can use two bananas, but one banana is typically enough.

Spread the slices of banana around the frying pan so each slice has its own section — don’t stack any slices on top of each other. Keep the burner on a medium setting and let the slices of banana sizzle on the pan for one minute.

Next, pour the two tablespoons of maple syrup on top of the banana slices, making sure each slice has a small amount of syrup surrounding it. Let the slices sizzle in the syrup for another minute. Next, each banana slice over and let the other size of each slice sizzle with the syrup in the pan.

Next take a half cup of organic low fat cottage cheese and place it in the center of a small plate. You can heat the cottage cheese in the microwave if you prefer, but it’s not required. Next, brush the banana slices off the pan to the top of the cottage cheese on the plate. Serve immediately.

Voila! A quick, easy healthy dessert option that will please any member of your family.

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