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What are the 5 best video games for the NES?


For many, the Nintendo NES console marked their first gaming experiences. The magical worlds, the iconic characters, the eye-popping graphics (for the late 1980s at least). Although the game crowd moved on to the Super NES in 1991, there would never be forgetting that first step in Nintendo’s legacy.

Here are the five best games made for the Nintendo NES…

5. Super Mario Bros

While there’s a lot of cheesiness to love about Super Mario Bros 2, there’s really nothing classier than going back to the one that started it all. Its timelessness knows no bounds. The colors are a bit faded, and the gameplay can be awkward at times, but there’s just something incredible nostalgic about this game. And who doesn’t love that great secret in the second level where you can transport yourself all to the way to World 8 in a matter of seconds?

4. Little Nemo: The Dream Master

This one lights up the heart and soul whenever mentioned. While it’s not as well known as these other four picks, this magical game, which was based on a comic strip by Winsor McCay, put you in the feet of a boy who travels to Slumberland in his own surreal dream. Nemo can ride certain animals like a frog and a gorilla by feeding them candy, possibly influencing similar possibilities in the SNES Donkey Kong Country games. Although this is a difficult game for sure, it’s also one of the most imaginative to be released on the NES console.

3. Bubble Bobble

This one’s a beloved classic, the kind of easier game perfect for the extremely young gamers. The game, which started in the arcades in 1986 before being ported over to the NES shortly thereafter, is about as basic as they come, but there’s a genuine excitement the further and further you find yourself in the game. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the Bubble Dragons are the two cutest NES characters to be found. There was lots of fun to be had in this game!

2. Mega Man 2

Oh man, this is the ultimate. While there were a whopping six Mega Man games made for the NES console, another large handful made for the SNES, and so on, the very best of the super huge Mega Man franchise is this second installment, which had the freshest, most iconic gameplay, villains, levels, and more. Especially memorable are those Metal Man, Crash Man, Heat Man, and Wood Man stages. Once you beat all eight of Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters, there are still a lot more levels and bosses to defeat! This is a legendary game.

1. Super Mario Bros 3

What hasn’t been said about one of the few perfect video games in history? That it’s one of the best video games of all time? That it improved on its predecessors and became the high standard for what every video game released afterward had to live up to? Super Mario Bros 3 is the ultimate video game. It has some of the most re-play value, it has some of the coolest worlds, and the gameplay is nothing short of outstanding. This one’s truly the best.

2 thoughts on “What are the 5 best video games for the NES?

  1. First game I got when my cousin gave me their Super NES was Mario All Stars, so I could play Mario 1 and Mario 3 as much as I wanted .
    And I can’t believe I forgot Bubble Bobble–I remember that one was so fun! I never had too many games, but ones I’d always play (other than Mario) were:
    Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (only one in my house who actually got to fight MT)
    Double Dribble
    Duck Hunt (of course. And when the dog made fun of me, I had to take potshots at it–grr)
    Excitebike (I remember having fun making my own crazy courses for hours)
    Maniac Mansion
    Paperboy (only one in my house who beat the game)
    Spy Hunter
    Top Gun
    Burger Time
    Tetris (of course, can’t forget that one!)

    Wow–I’m getting nostalgic and a half. Wish I still had the console (and some of the games, but even my N64 and SNES have a hard time working on my flat-screen. Need an old plug-in cathode ray TV or GOOD analog converter to make it worth it, darn it.

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