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How to Maximize Your Profits on eBay


Anybody with a computer, Internet connection, and house filled with old garage sale-quality goodies can become a prolific eBay seller. But what are some ways to maximize your profits and get the most out of your sales?

Here are some tips to make your eBay listings stand out from the rest and help find as many buyers and bids as possible.

1. Use 7-Day Listings

eBay allows for 1-day, 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, and 10-day listings. 10-day listings are preferable, in that they give the longest time to make buyers aware of your item. The downside to the 10-day listings is that for each listing eBay charges an additional 40 cents. Put up 20 listings and that’s 8 dollars. Go with the 10-day listing if you have one big-ticket item that might go for a lot, but otherwise stick with the 7-day listing.

2. End Your Listings on Sundays

Whether you use the 7-day listing or 10-day listing, try to end your listings on Sundays. While there are no statistics to guarantee that ending your listing on a Sunday will make you the most money, it just makes common sense — people have more time to spend on eBay on Saturdays and Sundays when they’re not working.

3. Don’t Use a Reserve

Using a reserve makes sense when you’ve listed an item you want to make at least 50 bucks with and are terrified the auction might end at just 50 cents. But buyers don’t like reserves, and you will find yourself selling items for less money. Do your research, gain some confidence, and list your item without a reserve. You will be happy you did.

4. Make Your Listing Price Low

In addition, buyers are less likely to bid on your item if you’ve listed it at 99 dollars. Even though your item is worth 200 or 300 dollars, you will actually find more bids and more interest from buyers if you list the item at a far less amount. Plus, eBay charges you for items that you list for a high amount of money. Start your items low, 99 cents or less if you can, and what your item deserves to make it will still make, despite your listing the item at an extremely low price.

5. Answer All Questions from Buyers

During the 7 days your items are listed, you will find your eBay inbox with the occasional message from a perspective buyer. Don’t ignore these questions, as some or all of these buyers might end up with the winning high bids, which would’ve been less if you hadn’t answered the questions.

6. Ship Items Promptly

Buyers won’t be happy with you if they have to wait three weeks to get their item. One way to maximize your profits is to keep your customers happy and getting a good selling reputation on eBay. The item should be as described in your listing, and they should be shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment.

Afer this, watch your positive feedback score go up and up! Follow these tips and you will find your eBay experience a huge success.

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