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The Sandra Bullock Files #11: When the Party’s Over (1993)


The Sandra Bullock Files is a series that looks at the films of Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, all the way from her debut in 1987, to her two major 2018 releases, Ocean’s Eight and Bird Box.

This is a film that is very low on Sandra fans’ radars. It is a rambling and talky indie relationship drama that features three straight women and one gay man going through life’s struggles after college while living in a house together in Los Angeles. Sandra plays Amanda, and she appears in the opening scene in silhouette. Her first line in the second scene is a doozy: “Who the fuck finished off my Captain Crunch?”

She looks the same in this movie as she does today — it’s incredible, really, to think that twenty-five years have passed since Sandra made this movie, and she looks today as stunning as she did then. All that’s different about her appearance here is that her signature black hair is curlier than usual.

The main reason to check out this film is to see Sandra play a foul-mouthed character. She has never dropped as many f-bombs in a movie as she does here. In fact, she’s never played a character this unlikable, aside from maybe the racist wife in Crash. Amanda can be pretty nasty to other characters at times and definitely likes to say what’s on her mind.

The movie itself is wandering and aimless — think a movie like Magnolia or Grand Canyon, but without a decent script. However, it’s still fun to see Sandra in such a giant role, one of her more substantial parts at the time.

Best Scene: Sandra playfully flirts with a guy in a bathtub.

Best Line: Sandra’s voice-mail message: “WHHHHAAAAAAT?!?”

Fun Facts

This is one of Sandra’s few R-rated comedies.

1993 will forever be Sandra’s most prolific year. Think her 2009 was busy, with three major films released? In 1993, she appeared in six.

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