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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 4 Mini-Reviews!


During the last three years, I’ve been slowly making my way through a re-watch of my all-time favorite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Here are my thoughts on the Season 4 episodes!

The Freshman *** (out of ****)

A solid season opener that shows Buffy trying to fit in during her first days of college. The villain of the episode is weak, but exciting to start a new chapter of the series.

Living Conditions **1/2

Of course Buffy has a demon for a roommate, which this episode pushes to the limit. Nothing special, but fun.

The Harsh Light of Day ***

Spike is back and better than ever! The storyline about the ring that allows vampires to walk around during the day, a storyline that transfers over to Angel 1.03, is compelling.

Fear Itself **1/2

We’re introduced to Anya’s fear of bunnies — yay! — but overall this Halloween episode is nowhere near the greatness of the season 2 Halloween episode. Feels a little too familiar at times.

Beer Bad **

I’d consider this one of the five worst Buffy episodes probably. Even before I got to it, I was dreading it. I suppose an episode about Buffy getting drunk in her early days of college seemed inevitable, but the drunk college kids turning into cavemen-like doofuses is just silly.

Wild at Heart ***1/2

The first great episode of season four tears Oz away from Willow, when he becomes drawn to another girl on campus, who also turns out to be a werewolf. Alyson Hannigan’s acting at the end of this well-constructed episode is absolutely heartbreaking.

The Initiative ***

The episode that sets up the rest of the season, what I love about this one is that Spike finally gets his chip that prevents him from hurting humans, and therefore, becomes a part of the Scooby Gang!

Pangs **1/2

Nice but unmemorable episode. Angel’s back, hooray! Most interesting because it sets up the amazing Angel episode, I’ll Remember You.

Something Blue ***

I’m a sucker for the what-if episodes, the ones where a spell causes everyone to change personas. Here, Giles goes blind, and Spike and Buffy get engaged! The Spike and Buffy scenes are about as funny as this show gets.

Hush ****

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