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How to Find an Agent for Your Novel


Five Steps You Should Take to Sign With a Literary Agent!

So it might have taken you months or even years to complete your manuscript. You’ve revised it time and time again. You’ve had friends, family, other writers, and your local bus driver take a look at it. You feel like it’s the best it can be. So what’s the next step? Publication, of course! But before your masterpiece can reach the masses, you’re going to need to find a literary agent.

Here are five steps you should take to nab that perfect literary agent for your novel…

1. Finish Your Book… Really Finish It.

Agents don’t want to be your first readers. Don’t just assume two drafts and a bit of luck will get you to your Barnes & Noble book signing (unless you’re a genius, that is). Really take the time to make your manuscript as perfect as can be, and have a lot of people close to you read it! Others’ feedback will open your eyes to glaring problems in your plot, characters, and pacing that you might not have even thought about.

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